Vancouver Calling

Last Friday, I sent a message out to my contacts requesting support for my upcoming journey to Vancouver. I have been asked to present at ISEA 2015 and my recent funding request to Creative NZ was not accepted. That is a story in itself and I’ll leave that story for another time. But rather than say, ok, I can’t go, I decided to put it out there – and ask for help. leaves of gratitude

Between then and now, Monday morning, I have received an overwhelming amount of support!

As I sit here planning my journey, and what importance will go into my suitcase hehe, I wonder about many things and I am humbled. I am not totally at my target, but I trust that I will be when I leave on Friday.

My first response of support was moments after I sent my email. It was from a lovely local woman who had never supported anything like this before – she just wanted to help. She also forwarded my email to a list of her friends. Soon after, a dear friend in Arizona messaged me, she wanted to help too. Early Saturday morning I received a call from Denver Colorado from another dear friend (at 3.45am NZ time – bless you Dan) to offer support.  And just this morning, an envelope was hand delivered to my door.  Money was hand delivered yesterday also. I have received support from people I have never met – in Melbourne, in Hastings – these people who are artists themselves who know what it is like to be an artist and who wanted to help. And support from local friends right here in (not so sunny at the moment) Gisborne, another friend in Auckland and a sister from another mother in Hamilton. I am grateful.

Updated: Tues 11th afternoon – another koha from dear friends who live in Awapiko and from home – South Taranaki – with love – I am grateful.

Leaves Gratitude mandala

I also received a message from someone who said they couldn’t support, and I want to mention this because I appreciated this message also. I always knew that there would be people who couldn’t and that is ok too. There was no expectation that anyone would give me money for my journey. But I needed to put it out there anyway, and ask.

The act of asking reminded me of putting a post out into cyber-sphere four years ago for my rock a day project 2011. I remember that day clearly. Dec 31st 2010. I deleted that post five times before I let it go! The fear, the fear and oh the fear of rejection! But I did it anyway, and look what happened.

So I’m absolutely blown away to say the least! Still wondering but also ACCEPTING that there are times where people want to help and that I should accept and receive with grace and humility because the gesture of love through giving to another should be openly received and accepted with love. And so I receive with much gratitude in my heart.

It was difficult for me to ask, I have never asked like this before, but I learnt a huge lesson – that if we don’t ask, no one can ever respond to the call for support. And not asking means we stop the flow of others wanting to give.

So thank-you to all those who supported and also those who took the time to read my message and those who will read this too. I always believe that those who are meant to connect, will connect.

This mandala image I created in response to all you wonderful people who have made this opportunity a reality. Created with gratitude and love.

Vancouver – I will see you soon.

Jo x

Weaver of Light and Love

Weaver of Light and Love

A personalised mandala created intuitively from an image of nature. Each mandala is created using earth’s magical energy, the wonders of technology and this one in particular drew inspiration from the recent full moon energy. And these were the words spoken as I sat with this mandala…


Weaver of Light and Love

All things are possible
Woven light
Dreams brought to reality
Planted seeds of goodness and love
Radiating out
into the universe
Blue moon energy
Sparkling light
Reflections of
crystal clear blue waters
Pink with love
Yellow for joy
Green healing, orange fire
woven together
within a matrix of endless possibility
I see you
I know you.
With arms raised
wide open
love into my heart, always.
Expressing outwards with open arms
Expressing inwards with open arms
Layers upon
Layers upon
this beauty within.
I am that I am.
We are
Right now.
In this infinite
beautiful universe.
Potential right here, right now.

If you or someone you know would like to have a personal mandala
created send me a private message through the contact form.
Each personalised mandala is $270 NZD ($182 USD) and comes with an inspired personal message from nature and high resolution image files of your mandala for printing.

Jo x

Mandala Moon

The recent full moon has been an interesting one! Up and down energy, coupled with the end of daylight savings here in NZ, I decided a bit of mandala moon magic was called for! Mandala Moon

This mandala is all water, created from this image of flowing water (repeated and rotated clockwise at 40 degrees) it has many colours and brings movement to clear out old energy making space for the new.

That is the beauty and magic of water; it has the ability to shape stone and move into spaces touching, healing cleansing everything that it comes in contact with.

I love walking along the beach collecting stones that have made their way down rivers to the sea and sit amazed at how smooth they have become after their dance with water.

Mandala Moon

I also think about the emotions and how they should also flow like water and not remain stagnant because thats when dis-ease sets in. E-motion is energy in motion, so getting that energy flowing around the body again.

So I’m really enjoying this one right now and it is very much needed to help let go of “stuff” to allow for the new. Because beautiful things are on the horizon 🙂



Jo x

All Things Connected

I’ve decided to share all parts of my life here. Even though this is my artist website, I can’t separate my art from my family from my garden from my social life from my love of good kai from my life!

It is all connected and I only needed to look to nature’s eco-system as an example of how to organise my life. So I ask myself, why has it taken me this long, nature is my biggest inspiration for like forever!


We have been so influenced by Western culture that teaches us to compartmentalise everything, to put everything into boxes and treat them as separate from everything else and I should have trusted my gut and inner knowing from the beginning.


All Things Connected by Water

So you will see more sharing from my garden; images, words of inspiration and my curiosities with my garden. It will be an experiential research project where I ask questions and then through my experience and research I find my way into the answers.

This has come about through my absolute love of nature as a child, wondering through nature alone and my love of art and science. I also believe that we don’t have to go to University to learn about the earth. Bold statement I know!

My ancestors were Scientists. They lived with the land intimately, they navigated by the stars and the moon. They were very much connected to nature and so in a way I am wanting to share what they may have lived when they were alive.

And I have a super curiosity about nature!


As well as my garden, I just want to share what I’m learning about health, spiritual wellbeing, art, science, food, relationships and everything in between.

So please join me 🙂

And if you would love to receive my newsletter with information about what I’ve been up to, send me a message here.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Jo x




Reflections: Water and Peace

Every journey home to my mountain is a spiritual one. Always. Ours is a mountain that reveals itself truthfully, without fail.

And so when I make this journey home, I prepare myself for some guaranteed heart opening, an emotional healing of a past that holds itself in a landscape so beautifully and yet so vulnerable. A history tainted with the blood of my ancestors and perhaps even yours, a history I am still healing from…

Koru Pā - Taranaki - Jan 2015

I remember those kupu (words) of Rumi, sung beautifully by Kura in Māori – that space beyond ideas, where we shall all meet.

This has been the experience of SCANZ for me. An art residency that is beyond the idea and reason that brought us there in the first place. We naturally reach out for connection and community and for two weeks we allow ourselves to become vulnerable too, to exist within a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, expressions and stories.

And always when I leave my mountain in the West again, I am asking, have I contributed enough? Not just to the artists but also to my people whose histories and stories we embed ourselves in for two weeks. Has what I’ve created affected another and moved that person to bring about change? Always I am asking.

Koru Pā - Taranaki - Jan 2015

Two weeks went by so quickly and at times I was left catching my breath, wanting time to recharge again for the hours and days ahead. But you all became my whānau (family) and that place we met beyond the ideas and art, beyond culture, there is that place where all our waters meet, where we shared a space, open and vast.

Thank-you for sharing that space, for allowing yourselves to be vulnerable, for opening up to the beauty and mystery, that space of te kore – nothingness and potential, where all things are possible.

Thank-you for the laughter that is healing, the tears, the challenges, the opening of hearts that allowed connection to special spirits who ventured on to my pathway, reminding me of my goodness, and yours, that we all have a special gift to share with the world.



Jo x

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Slowing Down to Nature

Over the past few weeks,  I’ve experienced the joy and benefits of slowing down to nature.

The last few days I’ve been detoxing my body and with that my emotional “stuff” and  I’ve realised why we stress so much with rushing here and there, doing all this “stuff” and totally missing out on what we have been doing.

So these last few days have given me insights, like the detoxing has cleared some of the fog, clarity in my calling and what I will create in the days ahead but more importantly the beauty of now. Experiencing wholeheartedly the journey that is here now. hue (gourd) - photo by Jo Tito Artist

And I’ve joyfully relaxed over these past few days, not worrying about the fact that I have lots to do, things to create, a house to clean, project ideas flowing like a running river, flowing so fast for me to flow with at times…

I have not stressed about the typical artist studio space that is filled with lots of things, paperwork that becomes recycled canvases for Teia’s art that lays all around the place, and the fact that my systems may be slightly out of order.

But my point is, I don’t care if everything is not in its place, the garden grows so quickly I can’t keep up with it (lesson learnt), I’m just happy to be experiencing this journey, slower, more intentional and focused on living each moment.

And it is a totally stress free experience. And I must say sometimes it takes an article like this one about not giving a fuck that you are moved to make changes. Excuse my language, I feel terrible saying that but it feels so good at the same time haha and you will see a whole lot more of the “f” word in the article, it will all blend together nicely, I guarantee 🙂

SO, live your life in each moment, slow down and enjoy the journey. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels and what you will experience, nature will show up for you in so many beautiful ways. And if you get to your destination, then that is a bonus.


Jo x

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2015 – In the Moment

I have mixed feelings about the beginning of another year.

Every day should be a special day, the day is being created in the moment and so each day is the beginning.

So with this in mind, we appreciate each day as it is, full of new moments and blessings.

Change happens right now, in every moment. It does not matter what time of the year it is, what day or month or year. Each moment is a new beginning, a time to start afresh. mandala calendar 2015 - Jo Tito Artist

So this 2015 year as we’ve come to know it, will be a series of moments co-created with all who are welcomed into my pathway this year. And a collaboration with the earth, to give and receive love in all it’s goodness.

Mandala Calendar 2015 - Jo Tito Artist

With gratitude for each moment,

Jo x

Mandala Calendar 2015 - Jo Tito Artist

The images are of my mandala calendar for 2015.

Calendars will be available to purchase for $40 NZD until Jan 31st 2015. To order send a message to jo[at]jotito-artist[dot]com and I will personally process your order. International buyers pay via paypal. Shipping will be worked out once I know the destination. I will let you know what this is in the email.

To make sure this is something you might like see images of the entire calendar at my Facebook artist page here and scroll through the images.

Arohanui (with love),

Jo x

Morning Mandala

Day 22 – Reflecting With Nature

Morning mandala created from a clover flower. I never have taken notice of clover flowers until I was pulling out a clover yesterday! Morning Mandala

It made me realise how much we miss when we are running around doing 10 things at once. The garden is that place for me, that space that helps me slow down to the flow of life. It grounds me into my body again and allows me to release “stuff” into the earth to be transmuted into something beautiful. Such is the cycle of life.

For those who are new to my page, I have a mandala gift card series available for purchase. Visit for all the details or send me any enquiries via the contact page.

Jo x


Clover Flower Mandala


Collaboration – 2015 – will be the year of collaboration.

I love collaborating with other artists. When each artist brings their own point of view, skills, creativity, ideas to the table, it is amazing what can happen.

I have been a part of many collaborations over the years, not just with artists but also with scientists, people who work in health, education, healing, people from all walks of life.

And what I also love is the flow on effect that comes about because of collaborations. And I’ve always felt like I’ve changed and become a better person for having co-created an idea into reality with someone else.

So what WILL 2015 bring?

Collaboration with others at SCANZ 2015 – this will be my first art residency with SCANZ and each one has been life changing. I know this one will be too.

Collaboration with fashion designers – I want to put my imagery into (yet) another medium. I’ve always been interested in fashion as a child and its another way to share my creations with others. AND, whenever I go and look for clothes, I just can’t seem to find anything that I want to wear! So I’m taking this challenge into my own hands to make my own clothes.MandalaTHREE_print_JoTito_post2FB

I plan to make a set of healing medicine cards next year. To collaborate with a homeopath to come up with images, essences and words for cards that will be used to guide others in their healing journey. This I’m excited about!

And a calendar – I plan to make another calendar for Matariki – the Māori New Year that has more information about this time of year from a Māori perspective with information about gardening, sun, moon, stars and planets.

And my book Kohatu – A Special Gift – I plan to to bring into fruition for the Māori New Year as well. So lots of work to do on that also. For those who didn’t follow that journey – I painted a stone every day for 365 days of the year, photographed each stone and wrote a story for the day. Then I posted all of this online to my Facebook Page and my website. You can check out all the stones here.

I think that is enough projects for now 🙂

And if you haven’t seen my latest mandala gift card series, check it our here – the image below is a view of them altogether. Arohanui, Jo x


Mandala Tui

Today’s mandala created from the tui image I posted earlier. So a new project has begun! Read the LONG post here  to catch up on what’s next! “Reflections With Nature” is my working title, because everything is a journey, a work in progress…

Today’s words: Mandala Tui

silhouettes emerge
amongst seeds of goodness
tui calls, nature gives
we all receive, inspiration.

Jo x